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Al Cass Valve Oil
The all-time best seller! 2 ounce bottle.
$ 2.90 Check Out

Binak 495 Valve Oil
BiNaK 495 is a "Revolutionary" NEW musical instrument oil with a superior lubrication capability over previous valve, slide, key and rotor oils. Test sites have stated that they had to lubricate their instruments less often. This is in part due to the fact that BiNaK 495 DOES NOT have an evaporation factor, which in turn is due to the formulations lack of petroleum distillation and alcohol.

2 ounce bottle

$ 6.00 Check Out

Holton Valve Oil
1.25 ounce bottle
$ 2.25 Check Out

K&S Oil
A very good over-all valve oil
$ 1.99 Check Out

Roche Thomas Valve Oil
2 ounce bottle
$ 3.50 Check Out

Zaja Pro™ Valve Oil
Developed for close tolerance and all rotary valved instruments.

2 ounce bottle

$ 5.95 Check Out

Zaja Valve Oil™
Developed by professional brass players for professionals. ZAJA OIL™ lubricates, retards the formation of dirt and grime, and eliminates sticking valves on all brass instruments.

ZAJA OIL™ is scented! No more foul oil smell! ZAJA OIL™ is available in a variety of pleasant scents: Strawberry, French Vanilla, Watermelon, Mulberry, Grapefruit ,Orange, Lemon ,Lime and Swiss Chocolate!

ZAJA OIL™ is packaged in 2 ounce bottles with precision applicators for controlled applications. Put money in your pocket instead of on the floor.

$ 4.95 Check Out

Zaja Lube™
Most slide grease and lubricants can wreck havoc on your horn if it gets into the valve casings. Zaja Lube™ was designed with this in mind. If some of your Zaja Lube™ gets into the valve casings, it will not gum up your valves.

2 ounce bottle

$ 4.95 Check Out

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