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Long Tone Accompaniment
by Walter White.

This CD consists of thirty, ten measure phrases in common (4/4) time, with modulating harmonies in which two notes (tonal centers) remain constant. The chord changes have been deliberately excluded from this recording to promote development of the ear and to free the mind for concentration on things such as breathing and sound production.

A great way to practice your long tones!

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Ultimate Berp
Build embouchure, endurance and range.
Practice quietly with normal resistance and no back pressure.
Achieve a fatter sound with drop-dead intonation.

New adjustable resistance dial slides over four holes to let you tune the BERP to any resistance you want. Beginners can set it to the resistance that matches their ability.

Side-by-side design lets you switch between playing and buzzing instantly. You can efficiently work out passages through playing and buzzing more easily. New adjustable clamp fits around the receiver opening of any brand or model of instrument. If you play a brass instrument, there's an Ultimate BERP for you.

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