Korg 88-Key Digital Piano, Speakers, RH2 Action (Brown)


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Korg 88-Key Digital Piano, Speakers, RH2 Action (Brown)
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Manufacturer: Korg

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The NC-300 - Beautiful Look and Sound

The all-new NC-300 projects an overall concept of simplicity and beauty. Thoughtful attention has been paid to the overall design of the entire instrument, the stand, and the matching bench, as well as to the layout and functionality of the front panel. Some key new features include:

  • Illuminated buttons and intuitive knobs: Buttons light up when you press them to select a sound. The volume and tempo use familiar knob-type controls for easy operation.
  • Two colors to match any decor: available in a modern, natural brown and a more traditional dark brown to harmonize with any setting.
  • Integrated music stand: When not in use, the music stand can be folded down to fit flush into the top of the NC-300 piano.
  • Total design coordination: The newly designed bench reflects the modern design of the instrument, and is adjustable to three different heights for total playing comfort.

Clear and Natural Piano Sound

The beautiful piano sound of the NC-300 is derived from stereo digital recordings taken directly from a concert grand piano. The sound is clear and well defined. From the initial strike of the key to the natural resonance as the sound decays, the piano sounds have been sampled lavishly and carefully to faithfully capture the depth and tone of the original instrument. The full dynamic range is preserved, from the delicate crispness of softly played notes, to the rich full character of sustained tones.

Experience Dynamic Piano Sound

The NC-300 has been equipped with a robust sound system capable of reproducing a rich and vibrant sound, and uses two 10 cm speakers housed in a ported enclosure.

The Feel of a Grand Piano

The NC-300 uses our top-of-the-line Real Weighted Hammer Action 2 (RH2) keyboard. Just as on a grand piano, the key resistance varies across the length of the keyboard, with heavier action in the low register and lighter action as you play toward the upper register. Key touch control lets you select how your playing touch will be translated into the dynamics of the sound. You can choose from light, normal, and heavy response to match your playing style, the character of the piece you are playing, or the nature of the selected sound.

Pedal Unit Included

All of the pedals of a grand piano - damper, soft, and sostenuto - are provided, a necessity for truly expressive piano performances. The three piano-style pedals are housed in an attractive unit that matches the piano's finish and style. Half-pedaling effects are also supported.

Twenty-four Sounds in All, Including Eleven Pianos

The eleven built-in piano sounds range from a beautifully spacious stereo-sampled concert grand to a variety of other pianos suitable for different genres or for ensemble playing. In addition, there are thirteen sounds from other categories, including organ, harpsichord, vibraphone, strings, choir, giving you a total of twenty-four built-in sounds, all instantly available using the front panel switches. Layer mode lets you play two sounds together, as well as adjust the volume balance between them.

Built-in Effects

Reverb and chorus can be added independently to each sound. Reverb adds the reverberation quality of a performance in a concert hall. The chorus effect adds a spaciousness and motion to the sound quality. Three variations of each effect are available per sound.

Versatile Functions for Performance or for Learning

  • Forty built-in demo songs: Eight of the built-in demo songs are designed to showcase a variety of the sounds in the NC-300. There are an additional 32 classical pieces that spotlight the beautiful piano sounds. The scores for these 32 classical selections are also included.
  • Audio IN and OUT jacks: The audio OUT jacks let you listen to the instrument's sound through an external amp and speakers.
  • MIDI connectors (IN, OUT): MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) allows you to access and play other MIDI equipped instruments from the NC-300's keyboard. Likewise, you can also control the piano from an external device that is also MIDI equipped.
  • Key transpose: The Key Transpose function lets instantly shift the pitch of the keyboard, allowing you to play a song in a new key without changing your fingering.
  • Metronome: There's also a metronome function that's convenient for lessons. In addition to providing just a click, you can also specify a time signature and add an accent note (standard or bell tone) to the first beat, as well as adjust the metronome volume. The tempo knob allows easy adjustment of the tempo.
  • Temperaments: In addition to equal temperament, you can choose from two types of historical temperament (Kirnberger and Werckmeister) for historically authentic performances.
  • Headphone jacks: Two sets of headphones can be connected simultaneously.

Home > Keyboards > Digital Pianos > Korg 88-Key Digital Piano, ...
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