VocoPro 60W CD/CDG/Cassette/AM/FM Tuner Digital Karaoke System


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VocoPro 60W CD/CDG/Cassette/AM/FM Tuner Digital Karaoke System
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Manufacturer: Vocopro

Price: $299.00

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Buy VocoPro 60W CD/CDG/Cassette/AM/FM Tuner Digital Karaoke System

VocoPro 60W CD/CDG/Cassette/AM/FM Tuner Digital Karaoke System

Enjoy a whole new world of entertainment in style with our new portable and stylish DVD-RAVE Karaoke system. Even though it is lightweight and compact in size making it easy to transport, the DVD-RAVE has plenty of cool features that are usually found on "heavyweight" class machines. DVD, CD+G, VCD, MP3, HDCD, CD and Photo-CD format compatibility, Dual-cassette deck operation with pitch control for customizing tape playback speeds and a remote control for DVD operation are just a few the DVD-RAVE's new features. All you have to do is unpack, and you're ready to get the party started, or if you want more power for that club feeling, simply hook it up to your full-size system and bring the house down!


  • 30W + 30W Maximum Power Output
  • Shock-Resistant Multi-Format DVD Player Supports DVD, CDG, VCD, MP3, HDCD, CD & Photo-CD Formats
  • 15-Step Digital Key Controller For Transposing The Natural Key Of Disc-Based Audio (Does not work with Cassette and AM/FM playback)
  • Dual Cassette Decks for Playback, Recording and Tape-to-Tape Dubbing
  • Built-in AM/FM Stereo Tuner
  • 2 Microphone Inputs with Dual Volume Control
  • +/- 10% Pitch Control on Cassette Deck Playback for Customizing Track Speed
  • Remote Control for DVD Navigation
  • 110V/240V Compatible for Use Worldwide
  • Suggested Retail Price: $ 459.00 USD

Home > Live Sound > Karaoke > VocoPro 60W ...
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