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 Trumpet Literature

What follows is a list of method books and solos for trumpet. Publishers are included in parenthesis.

Complete Methods

Arban: Complete Conservatory Method, ed. Goldman and Smith (C. Fischer)
Arban: Methode complete, ed. Maire, 3 vols. (A. Leduc)
Clodomir: Methode complete, ed. Job (A. Leduc)
Saint-Jacome: Grand Method (C. Fischer)

Elementary Methods

Clarke: Elementary Studies (C. Fischer)
Gordon: Physical Approach to Elementary Brass Playing (C. Fischer)
Longinotti: l'Etude de la trompette (Editions Henn)
Reger: The Talking Trumpet (C.Colin)
Ridgeon: Brass for Beginners (Boosey & Hawkes)
Robinson: Rubank Elementary Method (Rubank)
Wiggins: First Tunes & Studios (Oxford)



Bordogni: 24 Vocalises, trans. Porret (transposition) (A. Leduc)
Bousquet: 36 Celebrated Studies, ed. Goldman (C. Fischer)
Brandt: 34 Studies and 24 Last Studies, ed. Vacchiano (Belwin-Mills)
Broiles: Have Trumpet . . . Will Transpose (transposition) (C. Colin)
Chavanne: 25 Characteristic Studies, ed. Voisin (International)
Clarke: Technical Studies (C. Fischer)
Clarke: Setting Up Drills (C. Fischer)
Colin: Advanced Lip Flexibilities (C. Colin)
Endresen: Supplementary Studies (Rubank)
Gallay: 22 Exercises, ed. Maire (A. Leduc)
Glantz: The Complete Harry Glantz (C. Colin)
Goldman: Practical Studies (C. Fischer)
Gower and Voxman (ed.): Rubank Advanced Method (Rubank)
Hering: 32 Etudes (C. Fischer)
Hovaldt: Lip Flexibility (R. King)
Kopprasch: 60 Studies, ed. Gumbert and Herbst, 2 vols. (C. Fischer)
Laurent: Etudes pratiques, 3 vols. (A. Leduc)
Pares: Scales (Rubank)
Salvation Army: 101 Technical Exercises (Salvation Army)
Schlossberg: Daily Drills and Technical Studies (M. Baron)
Skornicka: Rubank Intermediate Method (Rubank)
Smith: Lip Flexibility (C. Fischer)
Staigers: Flexibility Studies, 2 vols. (C. Fischer)
Stamp: Warm-ups plus Studies (Editions Bim)
Vacchiano: Trumpet Routines (C. Colin)
Zauder: Embouchure & Technique Studies (C. Colin)


Andre: 12 Etudes caprices dans le style baroque (piccolo trumpet) (Editions Billaudot)
Balasanyan: 20 Studies, ed. Foveau (International)
Balay: 15 Etudes (A. Leduc)
N. Bizet: 12 Grandes etudes de perfectionnement (A. Leduc)
Bodet: 16 Etudes de virtuosite d'apres J.S. Bach (A. Leduc)
Broiles: Trumpet Baroque, 2 vols. (piccolo trpt.) (Queen City)
Charlier: Etudes transcendantes (A. Leduc)
Clarke: Characteristic Studies (C. Fischer)
Duhem: 24 Etudes (C. Fischer)
Gallay: 12 Grand caprices, ed. Maire (A. Leduc)
Gallay: 39 Preludes, ed. Maire (A. Leduc)
Harris: Advanced Studies (C. Colin)
Hickman: The Piccolo Trumpet (Tromba Publications)
Longinotti: Studies in Classical and Modern Style (International)
Petit: 15 Etudes techniques et melodiques (A. Leduc)
Petit: Grandes etudes (A. Leduc)
Sachse: 100 Etudes (transposition) (International)
Smith: Top Tones (C. Fischer)
Webster: Method for Piccolo Trumpet (Brass Press)

Unaccompanied Trumpet (Cornet)


Adler: Canto I (Oxford)
Arnold: Fantasy (Faber)
Bozza: Graphismes (A. Leduc)
Burrell: 5 Concert Studies (Oxford)
Cheetham: Concoctions (Presser)
Henze: Sonatina (Dunster Music)
Persichetti: Parable (Presser)
Presser: Suite (Ensemble Publications)
Renwick: Encore Piece (Tromba Publications)
Sampson: Litany of Breath (Brass Press)
Schuman: 25 Opera Snatches (Presser)

Trumpet and Cornet with Piano


Adams: The Holy City (Boosey & Hawkes)
Bach: Aria: Bist Du Bei Mir, arr. Fitzgerald (Belwin-Mills)
Bakaleinikoff: Serenade (Belwin-Mills)
Barsham (ed.): 10 Trumpet Tunes (Oxford)
Barsham (ed.): 12 Trumpet Tunes (Oxford)
Borst and Bogar (eds.): Trumpet Music for Beginners (Editio Musica)
Dearnley (ed.): 8 Easy Pieces (Chester)
Dexter and de Smet: First Year Trumpeter, 2 vols. (E. Ashdown)
Haydn: Andante, arr. Voxman (Rubank)
Haydn: A Haydn Solo Album, arr. Lawrence (Oxford)
Handel: A Handel Solo Album, arr. Lethbridge (Oxford)
Hering (ed.): Easy Pieces for the Young Trumpeter (C. Fischer)
Lawton (ed.): The Young Trumpet Player, 3 vols. (Oxford)
Lawton (ed.): Old English Trumpet Tunes, 2 vols. (Oxford)
Lowden: Easy Play-Along Solos (recording incl.) (Kendor)
Mozart: Concert Aria, arr. Voxman (Rubank)
Mozart: A Mozart Solo Album, arr. Lethbridge (Oxford)
Philips (ed.): Classical & Romantic Album, vol. 1 (Oxford)
Tenaglia: Aria, arr. Fitzgerald (Presser)
VanderCook: Marigold (C. Fischer)
VanderCook: Morning Glory (C. Fischer)
Willner (ed.): Classical Album (Boosey & Hawkes)


Anderson: Trumpeter's Lullaby (Belwin-Mills)
Bakaleinikov: Polonaise (Belwin-Mills)
Balay: Petite Piece Concertante (Belwin-Mills)
Barat: Andante et Scherzo (A. Leduc)
Bozza: Badinage (A. Leduc)
Chance: Credo (Boosey & Hawkes)
J. Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary, arr. Voisin (International)
Corelli: Prelude & Minuet, arr. Powell (Southern)
Delmas: Choral et variations (Billaudot)
Forbes (ed.): Classical & Romantic Album, vols. 2 & 3 (Oxford)
Getchell (ed.): Master Solos (H. Leonard)
Fiocco: Arioso (Presser)
Fitzgerald: English Suite (Presser)
Gaubert: Cantabile et Scherzetto (C. Fischer)
Goedicke: Concert Etude (Belwin-Mills)
Handel: Aria con Variazioni, arr. Fitzgerald (Belwin-Mills)
Handel: Sonata No. 3, arr. Powell (Southern)
Hovhaness: Prayer of Saint Gregory (Southern)
James: Windmills (B. Ramsey)
Ledger (ed.): Warlike Music 1760 (Oxford)
Mortimer (ed.): Souvenir Album (Boosey & Hawkes)
Persichetti: The Hollow Men (Presser)
Purcell: Sonata, ed. Voisin (transposed) (International)
Richardson (ed.): 6 Trumpet Tunes (Boosey & Hawkes)
Ropartz: Andante et Allegro (Southern)
Simon: Willow Echoes (C. Fischer)
Telemann: Heroic Music, arr. Lawton (Oxford)
Wastall (ed.): First Repertoire Pieces for Trumpet (Boosey & Hawkes)
Voxman (ed.): Concert & Contest Collection (Rubank)


Albinoni: Concerto in D Major, arr. Thilde (Billaudot)
Albrechtsberger: Concertino (Brass Press)
Arban: Carnival of Venice (C. Fischer)
Arnold: Concerto (Faber)
Arutunian: Concerto (International)
Bellstedt: Napoli (Southern)
Bellstedt: La Mandolinata (Southern)
Bitsch: Quatre Variations sur un theme de Domenico Scarlatti (A. Leduc)
Bloch: Proclamation (Broude Bros.)
Bozza: Rustiques (A. Leduc)
Charlier: Solo de concours (Schott Freres)
H. Clarke: Music of Herbert L. Clarke, 2 vols. (Warner Bros.)
Enesco: Legend (International)
Fasch: Concerto (Sikorski)
D. Gabrieli: Sonata No. 2 in D, ed. Tarr (Musica Rara)
Haydn: Concerto in E, ed. Robbins-Landon and Tarr (Universal Edition)
M. Haydn: Concerto in D (A. Benjamin)
M. Haydn: Concerto No. 2, ed. Tarr (Musica Rara)
Hertel: Concerto No. 2, ed Tarr (Musical Rara)
Hindemith: Sonate (Schott)
Honegger: Intrada (Salabert)
Hummel: Concerto, ed. Stein (Musica Rara)
Ibert: Impromptu (A. Leduc)
Jacchini: Sonata in D (Musica Rara)
Jolivet: Concerto No. 2 (A. Leduc)
Kennan: Sonata (Warner Bros.)
Koetsier: Sonatina (Donemus)
Longinotti: Scherzo Iberico (Editions Henn)
Luening: Introduction and Allegro (Peters)
Mager (ed.): 9 Grand Solos de Concert (Southern)
Mendez: La Virgen de la Macarena (Koff Music)
Molter: Concerto No. 1 in D (Musica Rara)
L. Mozart: Concerto in D, ed. Thilde (Billaudot)
Neruda: Concerto in E, ed. Hickman (Musica Rara)
Pilss: Concerto (King)
Purcell: Sonata (orig. key) (Schott)
Riisager: Concertino (W. Hansen)
Staigers: Carnival of Venice (C. Fischer)
Stanley: Trumpet Tune, arr. Coleman (Oxford)
Stradella: Sinfonia, 2 vols. (Musica Rara)
Telemann: Concerto in D (Musica Rara)
Telemann: Heroic Music, arr. Lawton (Oxford)
Tisne: Heraldiques (Billaudot)
Tomasi: Concerto (A. Leduc)
Torelli: Concerto in D, ed. Tarr (Musica Rara)
Torelli: Sinfonia, ed. Tarr (Musica Rara)
Vejvanovsky: Sonata (Edition Ka We)

Books on the Trumpet and Cornet

Altenburg, Johann Ernst. Trumpeters' and Kettledrummers' Art. Trans. by Edward H. Tarr. Nashville: Brass Press, 1974.
Bach, Vincent. The Art of Trumpet Playing. Elkhart Ind.: Vincent Bach Corp., 1969.
Bate, Philip. The Trumpet and Trombone: An Outline of Their History, Development, and Construction. 2nd ed. London: Ernest Benn, 1978. New York: Norton, 1978.
Bush, Irving. Artistic Trumpet Technique and Study. Hollywood: Highland Music, 1692.
Dale, Delbert A. Trumpet Technique. London: Oxford University Press, 1967.
D'Ath, Norman W. Cornet Playing. London: Boosey & Hawkes, 1960.
Davidson, Louis. Trumpet Techniques. Rochester: Wind Music, 1970.
Foster, Robert E. Practical Hints on Playing the Trumpet/Cornet. Melville, N.Y.: Belwin-Mills, 1983.
Hanson, Fay. Brass Playing. New York: Carl Fischer, 1975.
Hyatt, Jack H. "The Soprano and Piccolo Trumpets: Their History, Literature, and a Tutor." D.M.A. thesis, Boston University, 1974. (UM 74-20, 473).
Johnson, Keith. The Art of Trumpet Playing. Ames, Iowa: Iowa State University Press, 1981.
Lowrey, Alvin. Trumpet Discography. Denver: National Trumpet Symposium, n.d.
Mathie, Gordon. The Trumpet Teacher's Guide. Cincinatti, Ohio: Queen City Brass Publications, 1984.
     Maxwell, Jimmy. The First Trumpeter. New York, NY.      (C.Colin)1978             
Musique pour trompette. 2nd ed. Paris: Alphonse Leduc, n.d.
Sherman, Roger. The Trumpeter's Handbook. Athens, Ohio: Accura Music, 1979.
Smithers, Don. The Music and History of the Baroque Trumpet Before 1721. London: J.M. Dent, 1973.
Webster, Gerald. Method for Piccolo Trumpet. Nashville, Tenn.: Brass Press, 1980.

Other Books of Interest to Brass Players

Anderson, Paul G. Brass Solo and Study Material Music Guide. Evanston, Ill.: Instrumentalist Co., 1976.
Baines, Anthony. Brass Instruments: Their History and Development. London: Faber & Faber, 1976.
Barbour, J. Murray. Trumpets, Horns, and Music. East Lansing, Mich.: Michigan State University Press, 1964.
Bellamah, Joseph L. Brass Facts. San Antonio, Tex.: Southern Music, 1961.
Brass Anthology. Evanston, Ill.: Instrumentalist Co., 1984.
Brown, Merrill E. Teaching the Successful High School Brass Section. West Nyack, N.Y.: Parker, 1981.
Carse, Adam. Musical Wind Instruments. London: Macmillan, 1940. Reprint: New York: Da Capo Press, 1965.
Devol, John. Brass Music for the Church. Plainview, N.Y.: Harold Branch, 1974.
Eliason, Robert E. Early American Brass Makers. Nashville, Tenn.: Brass Press, 1981.
Farkas, Philip. The Art of Brass Playing. Rochester, N.Y.: Wind Music, 1962.
Farkas, Philip. The Art of Musicianship. Bloomington, Ind.: Musical Publications, 1976.
Lawrence, Ian. Brass in Your School. London: Oxford University Press, 1975.
Macdonald, Donna. The Odyssey of the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. Moudon, Switzerland: Editions BIM, 1986.
Mende, Emilie. Pictorial Family Tree of Brass Instruments in Europe. Moudon, Switzerland: Editions BIM, 1978.
Rasmussen, Mary. A Teacher's Guide to the Literature for Brass Instruments. Durham, N.H.: Brass Quarterly, 1968.
Severson, Paul, and McDunn, Mark. Brass Wind Artistry. Athens, Ohio: Accura Music, 1983.
Stewart, Dee. Arnold Jacobs: The Legacy of a Master. Northfield, Ill.: Instrumentalist Publishing Co., 1987.
Taylor, Arthur R. Brass Bands. London: Granada Publishing, 1979.
Trusheim, William H. "Mental Imagery and Musical Performance: An Inquiry into Imagery Use by Eminent Orchestral Brass Players." Ed.D. dissertation, Rutgers University, 1987.
Watson, J. Perry. The Care and Feeding of a Community British Brass Band. Farmingdale, N.Y.: Boosey & Hawkes, n.d.
Watson, J. Perry. Starting a British Brass Band. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Yamaha International, 1984.
Weast, Robert. Keys to Natural Performance for Brass Players. Des Moines, Iowa: Brass World, 1979.

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